From the littoral zone to the open ocean, operations at sea present a variety of challenges to military and commercial vessels alike. L3Harris Undersea Systems helps ships and submarines navigate complex terrain beneath the surface, track and understand the movement of enemy vessels and keep global shipping lanes safe and clear of dangerous mines.

L3Harris has been developing cutting-edge technologies to address customers’ undersea challenges for more than 60 years. Building on scientific and engineering expertise in high-power materials, L3Harris creates sophisticated transducer arrays used in sonar and acoustic systems2020欧洲杯正规平台 that support navigation and situational awareness, through search, detection, tracking and classification of targets, in addition to the capability for anti-submarine and torpedo self-defense.

L3Harris is also a world-leading producer of mine countermeasures that detect and neutralize subsurface threats to maritime, military and commercial vessels. L3Harris manned and unmanned minesweeping technologies support naval forces by identifying and safely detonating acoustic, magnetic and multiple influence sea mines to enable naval operations and keep commercial vessels safe.