L3Harris is putting over five decades of space systems heritage to work to design and integrate agile and high-performance payloads that maximize mission performance. With payloads and electronics for small and lightweight satellites, Harris is also helping make access to satellite intelligence more affordable for businesses, governments and other organizations.

The competitive landscape for our space customers is changing. Time-to-market standards are being redefined, demand for affordable space access is soaring and the pace of doing business is faster than ever. At L3Harris, we are committed to helping our customers find innovative ways to get payloads into space more quickly and affordably.

2020欧洲杯正规平台We are accomplishing this by:

  • Brokering more satellite hosting opportunities than anyone else in the world
  • Using our network of satellite partners in a multitude of markets
  • Designing, developing and integrating platform-optimized sensor payloads that provide mission solutions more quickly and affordably
  • Leveraging highly capable and low size, weight, and power imaging and radio frequency antenna sensor technologies into reconfigurable mission payloads
  • Integrating mission payloads into both small satellite and host platforms to provide end to end mission solutions

Our modular reconfigurable payload designs accelerate non-recurring engineering cycle times and reduce payload complexity and cost. We produce these solutions quickly using our world-class, high-volume manufacturing facilities. Applying our engineering and business expertise, we create unique solutions that meet the needs of customers.

2020欧洲杯正规平台L3Harris has developed some of the most trusted “eyes from space” with our high-end optics, patented structures and outstanding image quality. Our flexible and configurable SpaceView™ imaging systems offer diverse sensor capabilities and a broad spectral range to support multiple missions. Our HyperCube™ smallsat solution delivers frequent measurements of global tropospheric wind profiles. And our high-efficiency radio frequency antennas for smallsats are able to deliver capability and performance that rival those of larger satellites.