Sonar and command systems are an indispensable part of modern successful naval operations. L3Harris sonar technology helps customers securely navigate international waterways, detect enemy threats and provide life-saving self-defense capabilities. L3Harris produces integrated, variable-depth towed and hull-mounted systems as well as training and simulation technologies that offer next-generation levels of realism to ensure fleet readiness.

2020欧洲杯正规平台L3Harris sonar systems provide mission-proven capabilities against submarines and torpedoes while providing vessels with the ability to avoid subsurface obstacles and sea mines in the water column. L3Harris engineers design hull-mounted and variable-depth towed sonar systems that provide maximum performance in the search, track and classification of targets, while keeping the entire system compact and easy to integrate. Our customers rely on L3Harris’ continuous commitment to developing innovative, affordable sonar systems that reduce operator workload and ensure mission success.

L3swflairish.command management information systems (CMIS) support a broad spectrum of naval missions in addition to providing the integration of combat systems onboard ship. Our CMIS provides the operators with improved situational awareness, decision support and complete control of weapons and sensors. COTS design provides the performance and scalability needed to meet the requirements of ship platforms, including navigation, helicopter control and search and rescue.

L3Harris Network Enabled Tactical Link System (NETLS) is a data link buffer, translator and management system that provides operational forces with real-time Link 11 and Link 16 surveillance data exchange capability in order to optimize and integrate tactical control and overall force coordination. Deployed as a command and control data link system, NETLS receives, processes, stores, translates, formats and transmits data over different data links and simultaneously provides remote control of communications equipment.