Full spectrum operations demand open lines of communication and avoidance of signal fratricide. L3Harris interference mitigation technology assures uninterrupted and simultaneous operation of multiple systems, such as electronic warfare, communications, GPS, ISR and network systems.

In the air, at sea and on land, the airwaves of the modern battlespace are crowded and contested. Mission success can be challenged when network communications and ISR systems are integrated tightly and located near jammers, particularly when frequency agile radios and complex waveforms are involved.

2020欧洲杯正规平台L3Harris interference mitigation solutions allow our customers to make the best use of finite frequency bandwidth, maximize limited antenna real estate, and enable communication in the densest RF environments. When mission success and lives are on the line, our systems help the warfighter control the battlespace and overcome intentional and unintentional interference with critical systems, including the most challenging RF signal fratricide issues associated with high-powered jamming.