L3Harris has more than sixty years of experience delivering electronic warfare (EW) technology for airborne platforms. Aircrews on bombers, fighters, and rotary aircraft must be protected against any threats they may encounter in order to remain focused on their mission. L3Harris has the technology and experience to keep aviators safe from next generation threats. Our EW technology offers sophisticated sensor fusion for multispectral situational awareness, as well as internal and podded self-protect and jamming capabilities for maximum fleet availability and readiness.

Crews flying B-52 and B-1B aircraft have a challenging and essential mission, and as global military strategy pivots, they face a range of new threats. With larger radar cross sections and missions designed to penetrate well-defended and contested airspace, strategic aircraft have specific and complex needs when it comes to electronic warfare situational awareness and self- protection.

2020欧洲杯正规平台Tactical fighters and rotary aircraft experience a wide range of missions, from penetrating contested airspace and suppression of air defense systems, to providing close air support, reconnaissance, insertion and exfiltration. Their aircrews face wildly varying conditions, including supersonic speeds, low altitude flight and densely populated hostile environments. Remaining focused on these complex, critical missions in the face of proliferating threats is a huge challenge for aviators.

2020欧洲杯正规平台L3Harris airborne EW systems support and enable missions across all these conditions by helping aviators understand the threat landscape in order to detect, avoid, and where necessary, defeat threats at every level of engagement.

We work closely with our customers—including all U.S. military services, the special operator community and international aviators—to provide support and keep capabilities current in the face of ever-changing threats.