Media Contacts

Harris Corporate Headquarters

Jim Burke
Corporate, M&A, Finance, General Interest

321-727-9131 (O)
321-604-0067 (C)

Kevin Gibson
Florida/Local & STEM Education

321-674-4006 (O)
321-759-6132 (C)

Communication Systems

Tim White
Tactical Radios/Night Vision

765-469-1902 (C)

Natalie Ciao
Rochester/Local, Public Safety Professional Communications

585-242-4312 (O)
585-500-2394 (C)

Electronic Systems

Sleighton Meyer
Air Traffic Management, Avionics, C4I, Electronic Warfare, Managed Network Services, Radar, Wireless

321-727-4020 (O)
321-537-1585 (C)

Space & Intelligence Systems

Kristin Jones
Space and Intelligence Systems, Position, Navigation & Timing and Space Superiority, Environmental Solutions

571-521-8291 (O)
571-419-4718 (C)

Irene Lockwood
Imaging Systems/Optics, Space Antenna Reflectors, Space Payloads, Smallsat Solutions, Geospatial Solutions, Energy Solutions

585-269-5517 (O)
585-465-3592 (C)

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We have provided logos in 2 and 3-color versions (in EPS and TIF format) for use.

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T7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) System

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