On September 4, L3swflairish.communication Systems' SATCOM business received a call from industry peer and friend Obie Johnson. Johnson is the chief executive officer of CopaSAT, LLC, a satellite equipment and network services company based in Tampa, Florida.

2020欧洲杯正规平台Johnson was organizing relief efforts to some of the hardest-hit islands of the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian. Employees across the Global Communications Systems sector, including engineering, product test and shipping logistics teams, sprang into action. They quickly and diligently obtained, tested and shipped a 1.8 meter satellite terminal to the Yacht Frigate in Stuart, Florida for transport to the Bahamas the following day.

2020欧洲杯正规平台“L3Harris really came through when we needed it!” said Johnson. “The team responded immediately, shipping more than 500 pounds of equipment to us overnight.”

2020欧洲杯正规平台With the terminal from L3Harris and satellite bandwidth from CopaSAT, the on-site team in Grand Cay, part of the Abacao Islands, could re-establish communications for roughly 200 people (about a third of the population who were unable to evacuate.)

The 1.8 meter L3Harris terminal has been used to supplement destroyed communications infrastructure to include video, voice and Internet. For example, residents could now use WhatsApp texting and video calls to let loved ones know they are okay. Satellite communications provided by the L3Harris terminal also benefited the fundraising efforts, helping to more than double donations to the island. Additionally, communications assisted the U.S. State Department in running a medical clinic there.

“The L3Harris satellite terminal was easy to set up and it worked flawlessly,” added Johnson, thanking L3Harris for the teamwork.

Currently, the communications infrastructure is helping to establish distance learning over satellite link. This will help students in Grand Cay connect with teachers, as many of them needed to evacuate the island.